Welcome to the Clemson Amateur Radio Club

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Anthony Martin

FCC License Trustee: Eric Hidle, W2JKT

Staff Advisor: Alex Norwood, K4BAN


Club President: Dylan Wilcox, KI4YVC

We are a Clemson University Student organization that focuses on the interest of students in the area of wireless communications, specifically Amateur Radio.


The club shack, located on Kite Hill has equipment for use on HF, VHF and UHF Amateur bands on all modes. We have used this facility to communicate with other amateurs across the globe. The club has a simulcast VHF and UHF repeater on the roof of Byrnes Hall. We also have lots of electronics test equipment for working on members personal projects.


The shack is available for use by club members at any time, and will be open to the public for special events throughout the year.


The club meets on the every other Monday at 7:00 pm in the Shack on Kite Hill, check the calendar for any possible changes. We also have informal gatherings at the shack every other Saturday. Check the Upcoming Events page for exact dates.


If this sort of activity interests you, please contact us at amrad@g.clemson.edu for more information, or stop by our next meeting!